Modkat Litter Box, Color: White

$1,500 saved $120

Modkat Litter Box looks great and virtually eliminates litter tracking. Every detail of this patented design has been thoughtfully considered. Its locking lid acts as a walk-off mat to keep litter off of your floors. The Modkat Scoop has an ergonomic handle that sifts clumps like a champ. And, the Modkat Tarp Liner is resilliant to scratching, easy to clean and is tailored to the interior remaining out-of-site.
Rooftop access
The top-entry lid allows for a fully enclosed base, keeping the mess inside no matter how vigerously they dig or where they aim. Whether your cat gently climbs up or skittishly leaps out, gravity magically pulls litter from their paws. To finish the job, the lid doubles as a walk-off mat, keeping your floors practically pebble free. The lid swivels open ensuring any stray litter falls back inside, and when lifted to 90°, it lifts straight off providing full access.
Liners that last
The Modkat Tarp Liner is constructed of heavy-duty tarpaulin, so it’s rip-resistant and a snap to clean! It’s 10 inches tall to contain all mess and has concealed handles for safe transport and easy pouring.
Here's the scoop
The Modkat Scoop has an ergonomic handle for effortless scooping and a contoured front edge to match Modkat’s shapely curves. After clean-up, neatly hang the Modkat Scoop from either side of Modkat for convenient storage and access.
Dimensions size
Litter box - 15"H x 16"W 
Roof Hole - 8.5" Diameter