Bugsy's Treats

Running Wild Emu & Red Dates, 60g

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Bugsy's Treats 香港品牌、澳洲製造,全天然健康功能小食

- Australian Emu with Red Date Puree
- Low in fat. Great source of lean protein
- Red dates protects the liver and improves immunity.
- Great for weight watchers and older dogs with allergies
- 澳洲鴯鳥與紅棗泥

- 低脂肪。含有良好的蛋白質
- 紅棗有助保護肝臟和提高免疫力。
- 適合需要注意體重和有過敏體質的年老犬隻
- 獸醫認可。全天然無穀物

 Emu Red Date Puree

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