Vario 4 - Heavy Duty Leash, Color: Red

$250 saved $25

Vario 4 Multi-Function dog leash made with a special blend of super soft nylon, the Vario 4 dog leashes are bound to make walks, play days, hikes, and every sort of adventure more enjoyable for everyone.
The Vario 4 Multi-Function Leash is so versatile it can be easily transformed into a temporary collar and leash, a dog tether, a long leash, or a short leash. With one Vario 4, you can pack light and hit the trails or the streets carefree. Whatever you need a leash for, the Vario 4 Multi-Function has got you covered.

- Standard Vario 4 multi-function leash fits dogs over 44lbs or over (1"wide)
- Easily switch from a 6ft leash to a 3ft leash
- Converts with one movement into 2ft control leash
- It also functions as a temporary check collar and leash all-in-one
- Reflective Stitching
- Light reflective webbing for low light visibility
Vario 4