CritterHome Habitat, Large 30"x18"

CritterHome habitat provides comfy and spacious living for a guinea pig or a dwarf rabbit.  Featuring transparent colors, the large habitat features a deep see-through bottom base to contain Clean & Cozy Bedding.  Access to pets is easy with dual doors featuring a large wire door in the rooftop and a front access door with a secure Z-Lock latch to keep your pet safe.  

Best of all, CritterHome is easy to clean!  Simply pinch together the "bunny-ear" latches built-into the wire and the bottom base removes for a quick and easy cleaning.  The CritterHome Large habitat is perfectly sized for a guinea pig or a dwarf rabbit.  

Dimensions : 30"L x 18"W x 16.5"H
Product weight : 11.5lbs