Van Ness

Pet Dinner Mat, Color: Blue / White random


This mat is large enough to place both food and water bowls atop it. Due to its large size, this mat is appropriate for both cats and dogs that tend to make a mess while eating. The mat works to keep the floor clean by containing spills with its raised edges.

The Van Ness Dinner Mat features a bottom that is designed to prevent sliding caused by eager pets pushing their food or water bowls as they eat or drink. This mat was made in the USA and uses some recycled content. You'll love the way this mat simplifies your pet's meal time, so order now!

Key Features:

- Provides traction for bowls to reduce spillage
- Raised edges contain anything spilled
- Holds two bowls for cats or dogs
Dimensions : 20.5" x 12" x 0.8" inches