West Paw

Strolls Collar w/ Hemp Color Greenery, Large

$175 saved $10
Size : Large - (L) 18" - 27.5" x (W) 1"


The foundation of all their leashes is hemp. We chose this miracle fiber for its strength, durability, suppleness and proven through centuries of use. More recently, strong-as-steel hemp is being used in door panels at Mercedes Benz, and hemp fiber insulation, called Hempcrete, outperforms fiberglass insulation in new construction projects.

The earth loves it because it grows on half the water that wheat does (farmers love it because it yields four times the income). We love it because it resists bacteria and odors, holds up in style for ages, and is always non-toxic and safe.

Thoughtful Connectors
West Paws chose closures, connectors and hardware that are lightweight yet secure, with well-planned placement to make dog life easier: The Strolls Collar features the Quick Release Buckle. All collars include a quick connect loop for tough pullers and an ID loop for tags.