Chemical Free Small Grains Flushable, 10lb


Garfield Cat Litter is a unique product made from 100% natural ingredients. With an instant clumping formula, it forms solid clumps, fully absorbing moisture and helping to scoop it easily. The litter eliminates urine odors naturally with no chemicals or artificial additives. It is made from plant-based natural ingredients, biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet, so you can take care of your pet and the environment at the same time. 
Thanks to the Garfield Cat Litter's standard grains, you can be sure to find less tracking form your beloved cat. It's time to say goodbye to smells and mess, and hello to clean and fresh. With Garfield Cat Litter even Mondays are better.


Small grains

Completely removes odors from urine
• 100% natural plant-based renewable ingredients
• Flushable
• Instant Clumping
• No added chemicals or fragrances
• Highly absorbent
• Scoops easily
• Dust-free
• Soft on Paws
• White color*

White color helps detecting changes in the cat's urine.