One for Pets

Interlaced Blue Air Mattress, Small

$750 saved $35

Orthopedic  Interlaced Air Pet Mattress is high resilience, excellent air permeability, non-toxic materials, a healthy micro-environment, and highly recommended by Veterinarians for pets recovering from surgery or for aged pets below issues:

- Hip dysplasia
- Arthritis and Inflammation
- Joint pain, stiffness and cracking
- Incontinence

This Orthopedic mattress is a 3-dimensional weaving structure which is light buyhighly resistent and features superior durability, air and water permeability, safe, antibacterial, easy to wash, quick to dry eco-friendly characteristics.  With these superior properties, the Orthopedic interlacedair mattress are increasingly replacing the polyurethane memory foam and polyester fiber as a sleeping solution and in other application.


- XS : 15" x 15" x 3.2"
- Small: 21" x 27" x 3.2"
- Medium: 27" x 36" x 3.2"
- Large: 34" x 45" x 3.2"