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Washable Wraps Male, Medium


Keep your male dog from inappropriate marking or other problems having to do with urination. Washable dog wraps, also known as belly bands, are an excellent way to keep your male dog from ruining furniture, rugs, floors, with urination due to excitement, incontinence, or other issues. Also useful for visiting, to ensure your dog doesn't embarrass you by marking someone else's house. Washable Male Wraps are super-absorbent for long-lasting protection.

Each wrap has multiple layers and features. Next to the body, the moisture-absorbing liner protects both skin and coat. Then comes a super-absorbent microfiber pad and a plastic liner to protect against leaks. Outside of wrap is soft, breathable stretch fabric, which fits around your dog's belly with elastic and hook & loop closures. They are fully machine washable, and in fact, the more you wash this wrap, the softer and more absorbent it becomes. Teal color. For dogs.

SmallUp to 15lb / 7kg8 - 19" / 20 - 48cm
Medium8 - 35 lb / 4 -16kg12 - 23" / 30 -58cm
Large35 -90lb / 16 - 40kg18 -35" / 45 - 89cm
XLarge55 -120lb / 25 -53kg22 -40" / 56 - 102cm