Whiskers N Paws - Adoption Program

    WNP 領養計劃

    Whiskers N Paws 每天都是領養日!我們建設這個空間是為了毛孩能在這裡遇見並與牠們未來的主人會面。


    About Lily Brush - Powerful Pet Hair Removers

    Love your pets but not the hair they leave everywhere? Lily Brush creates sustainable pet hair removal products to keep your car, clothes, upholstery, and carpeting hair-free.

    PROFESSIONAL DETAILER’S #1 CHOICE to remove stubbornly trapped pet hair from car mats, headliners, cargo areas & seats. 10X faster than vacuuming alone! Soft, durable blades won’t harm plastic, glass, chrome or wood. Use dry for removing interior haze on windshields too.

    HOME CLEAN-UP Finally get years of matted & woven-in fur off of furniture, cat trees, clothing, bedding, stair risers, and more! Use short quick strokes from varying directions to gather pet hair into piles.