Whiskers N Paws - Adoption Program

    WNP 領養計劃

    Whiskers N Paws 每天都是領養日!我們建設這個空間是為了毛孩能在這裡遇見並與牠們未來的主人會面。


    About Wannyan

    Japan Carbon Wee Sheets For Puppies

    Japanese fine technology, the surface fiber with activated carbon element has a strong odor absorption function, which can block the bacteria and odor in the excrement, exiled in the air, and isolates the breeding of bacteria at home. Hong Kong introduced Wannyan activated carbon diapers from Japan for the first time. They have super water absorption capacity, more than twice the capacity of ordinary diapers, and twice the odor absorption function, which is more economical and environmentally friendly. Activated carbon has many uses and is widely used in all people's daily lives. For example, air purification, exhaust adsorption of sewage treatment plants, drinking water treatment, etc., show that the application of activated carbon in pet diapers has a special effect.