Whiskers N Paws - Adoption Program

WNP 領養計劃

Whiskers N Paws 每天都是領養日!我們建設這個空間是為了毛孩能在這裡遇見並與牠們未來的主人會面。


Stella & Chewy's Raw Natural Pet Food

Stella & Chewy’s is known for its high-quality natural ingredients checked and approved by the highest level of food safety regulations. Stella & Chewy’s only use all natural ingredients from trusted farmers and pastures to produce their recipes, ranging from grain-free cat food to grain-free dog food dinner nuggets.

Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried process ensures that all ingredients, including their vegetables and their healthy organic fruits, retain their vitamins and minerals. Stella & Chewy’s makes every effort to source the best ingredients in the world and does not use raw materials from China.

All of Stella & Chewy’s high quality freeze-dried pet food is produced in Wisconsin, United States. Freeze-drying raw food is a very unique process made easy by Stella & Chewy’s state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the highest quality products and highest level of food safety. Their patented SecureByNature® food safety process protects Stella & Chewy’s formulas from harmful bacteria while preserving the nutritional value and flavour of the food.