Vetrap彈性自黏繃帶2吋 - 藍色
Vetrap彈性自黏繃帶2吋 - 粉紅色
Vetrap彈性自黏繃帶2吋 - 藍綠色
Vetrap彈性自黏繃帶4吋 - 橙色
Vetrap彈性自黏繃帶4吋 - 紫色
Vetrap彈性自黏繃帶4吋 - 紅色
Vetrap彈性自黏繃帶4吋 - 綠色
Vetrap彈性自黏繃帶2吋 - 紅色

3M use real ingredients - Really

At Bugsy’s, nothing goes into their products that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. If they won't eat it, neither would our Dogs! Real food made with love and accented with natural herbs.